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Our proven recruitment model has helped organizations achieve their manpower fulfilment targets with repeated successions. Natio provides Direct Hire services to its clients through various models. Flexibility is the key, Timely Onboarding is our objective. While employees come directly on your payroll, our recruitment teams’ function as your team’s extended arms.

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Appraisals conducted on basis of Performance Rating from the Client Project Managers.

Technical Screeners and SMEs share their views on what skill enhancements would help the resource in the upcoming future.

Extension/ Conversion/ Bench/ Exit – based on the Client Consents & Employee Interest.

A Great Start is Half Done! Each On boarded Resource is deemed an “Asset” & nurtured accordingly.

Natio’s ER Representatives stay in touch with each employee regularly and also take care of Timesheet Management & Queries.

Monthly Virtual Payroll Helpdesk organized to handle Payroll, PF, Taxation, and other queries.

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