Do You Bleed After Losing Virginity? What To Expect

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Do You Bleed After Losing Virginity? What To Expect

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Is it normal to bleed after anal sex?

Look out for other symptoms such as a niggly, low-grade pelvic pain, discharge, as well as urinary issues if you think you might have PID. "I’ve had patients in the past who thought they were experiencing recurring cystitis, when actually they had a sexually transmitted infection that took a while to diagnose." He added that it can occur in up to 10 percent of women, and in about 50 percent of cases, the symptoms resolve spontaneously. This may seem obvious, but before you call your doctor, consider whether it’s around that time of the month. “If you have sex right before or after your period, that may explain your bleeding,” says Dr. Brzozowski.

Risk Factors for Bleeding After Sex

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To fix this, Moore recommended abstaining from penetration with tampons, fingers, penises, or anything else you personally fancy until it’s fully healed. While some people bleed the first time they have sex, not everybody does —and there are ways to reduce the chances of bleeding and pain. If you have any of these symptoms, or if you’re concerned about your health, make an appointment with a doctor or other healthcare provider.

If you ever experience a combination of severe pain and blood after sex, call your ob-gyn. They may want to have you come in for a pelvic exam to make sure the tear isn’t too severe and that it will heal properly. And if you’re experiencing these symptoms after sexual trauma, resources such as Planned Parenthood and RAINN can help you get the physical and mental care that you need. GettyBleeding between your period can be a little bit alarming and inconvenient. However, spotting is fairly common and often it isn’t a cause for concern, especially if you’ve just started new hormonal contraception. September marks Sexual Health Awareness month and every year organizations, campaigners and educators come together to promote resources and projects to help you get more clued up about yours.

If you bleed excessively during sex, or if you bleed every time you have sex, it’s a good idea to talk to a healthcare provider. Different kinds of intrauterine devices can cause different side effects. A person usually experiences irregular bleeding as their body is first adjusting to the device. If they continue to experience unusual bleeding, particularly after sex, the IUD may not be responsible.


Is your contraception causing bleeding?


Yes, many women experience headaches in the days and weeks after having a baby. Hormonal fluctuations in the postpartum period can cause headaches. Other contributing factors include dehydration, the aftermath of anesthesia or pain medications, and changing sleep patterns.


What should I do if I’m worried about bleeding after sex?


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