Workforce Solutions

Natio provides the most innovative, efficient and cost-effective workforce solutions in today's marketplace.
Natio leverages its mature, quality-certified processes to provide a variety of standard and customized solutions and programs to help clients optimize their supply chain and increase time to market of their workforce requirements. Natio's workforce solutions help clients increase efficiency, accelerate project progress, cut costs, and ultimately enhance their competitive edge.

With successful Fortune 500 client engagements around the world, Natio has proven the value of strategic and performance-driven partnerships by providing mutually-beneficial services ranging from full lifecycle staffing to vendor management.
Service Delivery Excellence
Natio best serves its clients by adhering to and executing superior processes.

The company is dedicated to operational excellence as part of a client-centric mindset that assures consistent execution. Through more than 3 years of experience, Natio has developed and refined every step in the full lifecycle staffing fulfilment and consultant management practice.
Key aspects of Natio's service delivery model include:
• 24x7 sourcing teams
• Relationship management and service delivery teams throughout India
• Goal setting for each team member, aligned with the clients’ own objective
• Client-wise service-level understanding and adherence
• Close monitoring of quality
• Strong in-house workflow system for resume search, screening, submittals and placements
• Strong technical team to ensure quality delivery
• Metric-based performance monitoring for all team members
Job Categories
Natio leverages its mature processes and cutting-edge systems to source, screen and on-board highly-skilled resources across job categories that include:
• Information Technology (IT)
o Application Development
o Packaged Software Implementation & Support
o ERP Implementation
• Infrastructure Skills & Management
o Across all platforms
o Project Management Solutions
• Service Delivery Technical Helpdesk
• Cloud Computing
• Analytics
• Mobility & Social
• Accounting & Financial
• Business Analysis
• Clinical & Scientific
• Engineering
• Human Resources (HR)
• Professional
• Sales and Marketing
Refined Recruitment Process
Natio enjoys a competitive edge through expertise in managing the IT consulting process.
The company has mastered the step-by-step candidate search, qualification and hiring process, which enables Natio to provide on-demand technical resources with very low turnaround time.

Natio has divided the sourcing process into discrete sub-processes, which are executed by specialized teams. For example, the candidate identification process itself is broken down into distinct sub-processes including:
• Backend searches for matching candidates in Natio's workflow system and internal database as well as various job boards, user groups, and other sources;
• Qualification of candidates corresponding to the backend searches. Specialized teams perform these and other sub-processes. Junior recruiting team members are required to perform the backend searches and then graduate to candidate qualification as they gain experience.
This results in overall operational efficiency in the recruiting process and yields optimal results in terms of a qualified candidate in the fastest time.

Hire- Train- Deploy
Natio employs its proven Hire, Train & Deploy (HTD) model, which its clients find useful when training and promoting contractors resulting in better retention and long-term cost savings.

On- & Off-Boarding
Natio has a fluid, proven on-boarding and off-boarding process. The following process outline allows Natio the flexibility to abide by the client's needs and processes:
• Inform about the job offer to the candidate
• Obtain all the relevant information from the candidate pertaining to compensation details, joining date, job location , travel dates or any other request ( as required)
• Offer Information Sheet along with Pre-Joining Form to enable HR to issue Offer Letter
• In exceptional cases, obtain required approvals
• Send the offer packet to the candidate
• Schedule an orientation program for the new employee to facilitate a thorough understanding of both Natio and the client's environment (culture, philosophies, expectations and so on)
• Deliver the candidate to the client location and communicate with him/her throughout the duration of the engagement
• Equally effective is Natio's off-boarding process. Natio has formulated an off-boarding process to ensure a smooth transition at the client site as well as to minimize any negative impact on employee morale. The potential for re-engaging the consultant is always a top consideration.

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