Future-ready Automotive Technology Solutions

The global automotive industry has gone through extraordinary changes to meet the challenges of the modern world- ranging from enhancing driver safety to enabling a greener environment. In this technology-led disruption era, the need to go beyond just a moving vehicle is a driving factor for all the leading companies in the automotive domain. We at Natio Infotech, provide innovative product engineering services armed with consulting expertise, technical know-how, and industry-focused knowledge, to help automotive manufacturers successfully harness the potential of evolving technologies. We have been working with leading automotive ventures for close to Two Decades and have a dedicated team with extensive years of IT automotive field experience. With our core strengths based in Computer Vision, Image Processing, Embedded-Systems, and IoT, we strive to provide high-end solutions to OEMs and TIER-1 automotive industries. We also work towards creating unmatched innovations and efficiencies across the extended value chain.


Service Offerings

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are in-vehicle electronic systems which assist the driver and ensure a secure and safe driving experience.

Connected Cars

Connected cars are next generation smart cars where people connect with every possibility around the world.

Active Safety

Active Safety Systems use sensors like Camera, RADAR, LiDAR and Ultrasonic sounds, to build a model of the environment.

Vehicle Interior

These include inside the vehicle technologies that use different sensors like Visible/IR Band Cameras and Video Analytics to provide data to vehicle ECUs.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle

The electric vehicle space is booming at a fast rate with automobile giants getting greater success in terms of cost-efficiency, fuel-savings, and greener surroundings.

Vehicle Capability Enhancement

We at Natio Infotech, develop vehicle capability enhancement systems that reinvent their capacity to bear the load.

We Build Custom Automotive Solutions

As a leading Automotive IT Solution provider, we understand the unique business requirements and offer customized IT solutions for your automotive business. Our futuristic IT solutions are focused on digital transformation to help you scale your business and improve customer experience.